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Complex rspec specs can intermittently fail in continuous integration

Force bundler to rebuild your Ruby on Rails project gemset

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I got myself into a bad place after migrating a Rails project to a new version of Ruby where my gemset was built with the wrong native libraries. The easiest way I found to fix it is…

Unintelligent design – the abuse of ‘inspect and adapt’ in Agile practice

Our weekly rhythm (iterations)

Establishing a rhythm to our weeks and days has provided our team a sustainable pattern for predictably delivering work with quality. Our performance is an outcome of executing within this pattern repeatedly over time. I learned the concept of a team rhythm from Jeff Sutherland and ours is a scrum and has the shape of a game: a short time frame (one week), an achievable goal that constitutes “winning”, alternating periods of focused team work with opportunities to regroup, strategize … Read More