RailsBridge NYC

I am a coder and hiring manager for Rails developers. I am father of a daughter who aspires to a career in science and technology. For both reasons, I am grateful that there are programs like RailsBridge that introduce Ruby and Ruby on Rails to women interested in the technology and hopefully, a career in software development.

Bianca Rodrigues provides a nice, brief description of the RailsBridge NYC workshop June 6th.

It was great to meet other newbie Ruby developers who were going through some of the same beginner pains that I was. The workshop was a positive experience, and gave me the push I periodically need to keep myself immersed in technology. (read the entire post)

There is a large body of research and writing (including my own paper) on the fact that women are drastically under-represented in software development disproportionate to other careers in science and technology.

If you are an experienced developer, please consider volunteering. I participated as a TA and it really only took two evenings and one full day of my time to be of use to this great program. The experience of coaching is both a joy and a refreshing opportunity to see what you do through other people’s eyes.

Hiring a ruby on rails developer

One of our team is moving on. So we’re looking to hire one full-time, experienced developer.

At Simon & Schuster, we’ve created a small, collaborative team where people can do their best, learn in a collegial environment and get home at a reasonable hour. We work at a sustainable pace because after five years as a Ruby on Rails team we know the value of staying current, refactoring our codebase, and cleaning up tech debt.

We pair, we test drive, we retrospect, and we work as a single team with our product owners. If you want to work on a team that really does these things, contact us.

Scrum/XP/Agile team in midtown Manhattan looking for an experienced Rubyist or experienced Java/C# developer interested in learning Ruby. We are an established, six developer Scrum/XP team. We have a dedicated scrum master and we collaborate closely with our product team

Apply via StackOverflow

No recruiters, please.

Slide Notes Agile 2012: Agile values, innovation and the shortage of women developers

Session at agile 2012 on thursday 9:30am

My session: Agile Values, Innovation and the Shortage of Women Software Developers

Is scheduled Thursday August 16, 2012 9:00am – 10:30am @ Austin 4-6

Agile 2012 - DallasThis session is in the Leadership track but it’s leadership with a lowercase ā€œlā€. Not Innovation and Intrepreneurship — as valuable as they are — but day to day individual integrity.

It is about what we as practitioners should do and the workplaces we should strive to create around us.

It is about how our embrace of Agile development informs our values and provides us tools to make change happen.

Here’s what I hope attendees come away with:

  • Awareness of research establishing the shortage of women developers and the material and cultural factors that contribute to it.
  • Agreement that a way of working that discourages women from entering our field and drives them out mid-career is not a collaborative, effective, agile way of working.
  • Belief that agile practice provides a value system and tools that can help us change our workplace to be more tolerant, humane, and creative.
  • Optimism that we as individual workers can do more than we think to make this happen.

Here’s the outline I’ve worked out:

  • Presentation: the shortage of women developers (15 min.)
  • Table discussion: what antigens exist in your workplace? (20-25 min.)
  • Presentation: agile principles demand we address the shortage of women developers (15 min.)
  • Table discussion: how is your current agile practice failing to address this impediment (20-25 min.)
  • Presentation: change your team to change the world? (5 min.)

Removing sharedaddy’s (jetbacks sharing) extra og:description without hacking php

I’ve come across a problem where multiple plugins insert facebook opengraph meta tags into the header of my posts without letting me turn that behavior on or off. They all assume that no one explicitly puts open graph tags in their blog. This includes sharedaddy (jetpack sharing). It does so with the following comment:

Source in wordpress trak.

Problem is I’d rather define my og tags or rely on a plugin focused on doing this well.

There are several plugins to do open graph tag insertion that do a better job. You may want to roll your own directly into your theme or using one of the general SEO plugins.

So, I want to remove these extraneous tags. Online tips suggest I go into each plugin and comment out the php code inserting these tags. That’s a direct option but I hate modifying plugins. I don’t want to maintain these hacks through updates.

So, I solved with javascript. The approach is a hack. It requires that sharedaddy and other plugins insert their og:description tags before the tags I want to preserve and that I start my desired facebook tags with an fb:admins tag.