Catastrophic system failure

A Cameron Blow Out Preventer (BOP) is installed at the base of the BP leased, Transocean owned Deepwater Horizon rig. An unmanageable surge of oil led to the fire that sunk the rig and ended 11 lives. The BOP is not preventing up to 200,000 gallons/day of oil from gushing into Gulf of Mexico. At this point, no one appears to understand why. The Blow Out Preventer is only a very visible part of an intricate human and technological system … Read More

Stop calling it an estimate. Stop pretending it’s a commitment.


A product owner describes work. The team estimates it. The product owner sets a delivery target. The team commits to it. Estimates People are good at estimating their own ideal effort on well-defined work within their realm of experience. People are poor at translating ideal effort into calendar days, estimating how long others will take to perform work, and estimating work that is either poorly understood. Estimation is time consuming with diminishing returns so the effort should be managed to … Read More