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A plea to my fellow developers and our employers [Harm]

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Revelations today about a security breach at Sony Pictures. If the claims are true, the company failed to take even minimal steps to protect the identities of their users. Passwords were stored in plain text. There are many reasons why this happens: naive business sponsors, inexperienced or pliable developers, poorly thought out or narrowly defined requirements, lack of regard for user privacy, and simple schedule pressure that leads to mistakes and cut corners. It is unacceptable to assume stored user … Read More

Agile NYC Presentation Handout

Here is a draft handout from my presentation at “Agile NYC”, Instilling Agile Values for Creativity, Self-Improvement and Organizational Change – A Manager’s Perspective.

Power, dissent, and bullying in software developer communities

When developers marginalize women and minorities, we conspire to isolate ourselves from the larger society. We defeat our own attempts to change the power structures around us and improve our lot and our output.

On the Media – cruelty and vulnerability on the internet

Streams of two segments from the NPR show On the Media: Smirch Engine There’s a name for how cruel people can get given a little anonymity on the internet. It’s called “online disinhibition effect” and the resulting venom can ruin your day or worse, destroy your good name. The Net’s Mid-Life Crisis The basic architecture of the Internet hasn’t changed since it was conceived 40 years ago. But what was once the playground of wonks is now the main staging … Read More