John Maeda

Maeda – “The Assistant”

From John Maeda’s SIMPLICITY, a real life parable about a scientist and his devoted assistant: “…great people know how to take care of their people. For a great person does not become great by themselves.” Read the full post.

By the time he was your age…

John Maeda has just been named the new president of the Rhode Island School of Design. I’ve only met Mr. Maeda once — unless you count childhood visits to his family’s tofu bakery in Seattle. If you are what you eat, some protein in my bones is the product of Maeda creativity. Anyway, I’m a tremendous fan of his approach to design and life. He continues to be a role model for embracing new challenges.

Small, Extraordinary Acts

Anpanman by Eric I.E.

I posted how Anpanman by Takashi (嵩) Yanase (柳瀬) is my role model. Turns out John Maeda has similar sentiments. What a noble aspiration to act under the belief, “That if you had more you could always get by with less.” One I find very hard to live up to. In the workplace, I hate to assume responsibility for decisions I did not make. I’m not talking about anything illegal. I’m talking about the daily harms people inflict on others … Read More

Managing and Leading

John Maeda on leading and managing and the need to do both. The manager sets up the win with perfection for her team; the leader executes the win with passion. The word “perfection” conveys discipline but the agile practitioner in me bridles at it. As John Maeda says, “a manager never manages alone.” Community defies perfection. I do resolve to do better. Do by committing myself to action employing the most appropriate knowledge and tools at hand. Better by using … Read More

John Maeda on “The Good Boss”