Continuous Process Improvement — Deliver Less Code at Better Quality to Achieve More

Spiral Starecase

In my last post I claimed we rebuilt our website properties with with half to one third the developers and with “about half 65%” the resulting code. All to justify my claim that “You accomplish more by doing less.” Now, I’ll back that claim with some metrics. Lines of code There are a number of tools for measuring ruby code size and complexity. The metric_fu gem does a good job a aggregating them. But because our retired rails application is … Read More

ProgressVisualizer – visual reporting for your Trello boards

I’m working on a pet project I’m calling, for now, ProgressVisualizer. It is intended to be a quick and easy way to create visual reporting for Trello boards. Trello is the first tracking tool my team finds so easy to use that we’ve largely stopped using our physical cork board. It offers simplicity, openness and doesn’t impose unnecessary assumptions. It offers an API that lets you interact with your data and webhooks which allow you to do so in near … Read More

Dear agile consultant – hiring criteria for coaches and mentors

play at your own risk

Dear consultant who uses “agile” as part of your brand, I am a possible customer who embraces agile principles, practices agile techniques and has done so for years. I admire the tenacity and talent it takes to build a business in consulting. The best of you offer your clients techniques, language and a way of thinking that can better lives and turn around companies: advising them in ways to change their own organizations, bolstering their courage to experiment, helping them … Read More

Estimates and the desire to be lied to


A manager who does not accept estimates with range for uncertainty demonstrates a desire to be lied to. A mundane corporate drama We’re at a staff meeting of a company reliant upon but not about software. Halfway through the hour long meeting, they start talking about a new software dependent product. The product has been a bullet point and a few sentences for months but now has some artwork and wireframes. After a general conversation, the sponsor turns to the … Read More

The Functional Manager in Agile


Team managers should till the soil with their teams. Anything else is waste and waste must be rooted out. Still it is hard. Luke Melia wrote about how he performed as functional manager and dedicated 75% of his time pairing. There are two tremendous challenges with this. The first is limiting distractions in order to remain a reliable contributor. Luke has tremendous reserves of focus and enthusiasm. As his manager, I did everything I could with our scrum master, Salim … Read More