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Complex rspec specs can intermittently fail in continuous integration

Force bundler to rebuild your Ruby on Rails project gemset

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I got myself into a bad place after migrating a Rails project to a new version of Ruby where my gemset was built with the wrong native libraries. The easiest way I found to fix it is…

Ruby on Rails Reading List (kind of)


A student from RailsBridge NYC asked me for a reading list. Rather than focus on Ruby or Rails, I broadened the topic to software writing and writers I look to for inspiration. Here’s my reply: The best book on Ruby language is the The Well-Grounded Rubyist by David Black. The Ruby documentation is pretty handy, especially the API pages For the Rails framework I dive into code and rely on google searches of Stack Overflow Q&A’s and the rails … Read More

RailsBridge NYC


I am a coder and hiring manager for Rails developers. I am father of a daughter who aspires to a career in science and technology. For both reasons, I am grateful that there are programs like RailsBridge that introduce Ruby and Ruby on Rails to women interested in the technology and hopefully, a career in software development. Bianca Rodrigues provides a nice, brief description of the RailsBridge NYC workshop June 6th. It was great to meet other newbie Ruby developers … Read More

Hiring a ruby on rails developer

One of our team is moving on. So we’re looking to hire one full-time, experienced developer. At Simon & Schuster, we’ve created a small, collaborative team where people can do their best, learn in a collegial environment and get home at a reasonable hour. We work at a sustainable pace because after five years as a Ruby on Rails team we know the value of staying current, refactoring our codebase, and cleaning up tech debt. We pair, we test drive, … Read More