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RailsBridge NYC


I am a coder and hiring manager for Rails developers. I am father of a daughter who aspires to a career in science and technology. For both reasons, I am grateful that there are programs like RailsBridge that introduce Ruby and Ruby on Rails to women interested in the technology and hopefully, a career in software development. Bianca Rodrigues provides a nice, brief description of the RailsBridge NYC workshop June 6th. It was great to meet other newbie Ruby developers … Read More

Dear agile consultant – hiring criteria for coaches and mentors

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Dear consultant who uses “agile” as part of your brand, I am a possible customer who embraces agile principles, practices agile techniques and has done so for years. I admire the tenacity and talent it takes to build a business in consulting. The best of you offer your clients techniques, language and a way of thinking that can better lives and turn around companies: advising them in ways to change their own organizations, bolstering their courage to experiment, helping them … Read More

Negative perceptions about software development. Do you have a solution?

Feedback on my proposed session at Agile 2012 on whether principled Agile practice is capable of creating workplaces and an industry more inviting of women software developers… I could not agree more. There are many negative perceptions about software development these day in the US (off-shoring, hostile env, long hours, …). As a result, my friends at North Carolina State University tell me that overall CS enrollment is down. There was a similar event in Japan with the creation of … Read More

An outlier to the outliers, observations of an agile practitioner at an academic conference

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I presented my paper “Agile Values, Innovation, and the Shortage of Women Developers” at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences #45 (HICSS) on Thursday, January 5th. I’ll publish out my presentation notes in this blog over the next week. I’ll also link to the published paper when it is available on the IEEE website. A puzzling experience I’ve presented papers at HICSS before. Mostly in the Agile track chaired by Jeff Sutherland. I did present once in a more … Read More

A plea to my fellow developers and our employers [Harm]

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Revelations today about a security breach at Sony Pictures. If the claims are true, the company failed to take even minimal steps to protect the identities of their users. Passwords were stored in plain text. There are many reasons why this happens: naive business sponsors, inexperienced or pliable developers, poorly thought out or narrowly defined requirements, lack of regard for user privacy, and simple schedule pressure that leads to mistakes and cut corners. It is unacceptable to assume stored user … Read More