Internet crime up 33%


From the Associated Press: Reports of Internet-based crime jumped 33 percent in 2008, according to a group that monitors web-based fraud. The Internet Crime Complaint Center said in its annual report released Monday that it received more than 275,000 complaints last year, up from about 207,000 the year before. The total reported dollar loss from such scams was $265 million, or about $25 million more than the year before.

Oops, sorry about your retirement fund


The New York Times describes what happened to United Airlines stock value on September 8th, How a Series of Mistakes Hurt Shares of United Investors wiped out $1 billion of the market value of UAL, United’s parent, within minutes of an erroneous news flash on Bloomberg screens about a United bankruptcy. Google and the Tribune Company, the owner of The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, whose Web site was the source of the article that led to the headline, soon blamed each … Read More

Laminated ethics

From the Washington Post, Days Before Scandal, Interior Got Ethics Award: The inspector general said Wednesday that federal officials in the Mineral Management Service’s royalty-in-kind program allegedly were plied with alcohol and expensive gifts from industry representatives, and in some cases had sex and did drugs with them. The Denver-area office takes in roughly $4 billion each year in oil and natural gas reserves from companies drilling on federal and Indian land and offshore. But, on Monday, the Interior Department … Read More

The Opposite of Agile

NYC settle a lawsuit to compensate poor families for food stamps they were denied by mistake beginning in 1999… …as many as 34,000 families could have been affected, with the settlement ranging from $8 million to $71 million depending on how many people were involved. The city has said that it corrected the computer problem several years ago — NY Times Make mistake effecting food for poor families. Correct mistake approx. 5 years later. Acknowledge mistake 8 years later. Blame … Read More

Just do it!

Just Do It by kjudy

I laughed out loud when I saw Ken Schwaber titled a passage of his book, The Enterprise and Scrum, “Just Do It”. Ken describes how a customer can sacrifice quality and sustainable pace in the short term but pay it back at a premium, “$4 to remediate every $1 drop in quality.” Clearly there are pressing bugs, misses and serendipitous opportunities. There are times to inject work into a sprint backlog. There are even times to “stop the line” and … Read More