Presentation: Agile Values, Innovation and the Shortage of Women Software Developers


Ken Judy Agile Values Innovation And The Shortage Of Women Software Developers.Shared View more PowerPoint from kenjudy Presentation notes: Judy, K.H.; , “Agile Values, Innovation and the Shortage of Women Software Developers,” System Science (HICSS), 2012 45th Hawaii International Conference on , vol., no., pp.5279-5288, 4-7 Jan. 2012 doi: 10.1109/HICSS.2012.92 Abstract: The percentage of women software developers in the U.S. has declined from 42% in 1987 to less than 25% today. This is in a software/internet marketplace where women … Read More

Agile’s broad adoption and mediocrity – the fault lies…

Sunset in Kona

I have to admit, I cringe whenever I say “agile” or “scrum” (™?) Even as I practice both every workday and care deeply for the values they represent. Successful movements take on a cloying “fill me with your knowledge” cast. A perpetual newbie state where new adherents come on faster than existing practitioners have opportunity to develop experience and wisdom. I really don’t need to have another conversation about how to phrase the first sentence of a user story. And … Read More

Agile, Scrum and 4DX

Team Scoreboard

Our company is adopting a practice called “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” (4DX). Superficially, it’s goals and techniques are very Scrum-like with a focus on rallying self-directed teams toward a single, important company goal. Like Agile, it champions practices but emphasizes values that give those practices reasons for being. 4DX is more focused on outcomes than specifics of performance – which is a nice puzzle piece to slot along side into a lean or XP discipline. I’m fascinated to watch … Read More

How values create change from small networks to large


Agile is not about doing “Agile” things. It is about continually improving ourselves, our teams and our organizations to create better software for our customers and our end users. ??If we embrace that on a wide scale, we will recognize we are driving away an incredibly valuable source of talent and an incredibly valuable contribution in our effort to create products relevant to over half of our end users.??

Antidote the diving catch culture of heroics and privileged roles


A diving catch implies a single set of eyes on code. It implies haste and a need for emergency intervention, i.e. poor quality. Emergency code is not unit tested, it is not elegant. It also implies a team that is not pulling together to deliver the goals of their iteration.