A search engine for the ignorant


Who is this ad supposed to appeal to? The undecided, apathetic or terminally jaded? Clearly people stupid enough to think Microsoft shares their aimless disrespect for “the man”. Maybe they think gullible people oblivious to this moment in history are the best audience for their last to market search engine. Sounds right, come to think of it.

Satan U Yur Office


Had to install office 2008 for mac on my personal macbookpro for work. This is how the Microsoft “mactopia” homepage rendered in Safari after the install. Better restart…

Benefits of Agile Adoption – from a manager

yellow rope with knot

To help some peers advocate for agile adoption, I prepared an experience report to demonstrate how my old team benefited from XP and Scrum practices. This is an extension and refinement of an earlier post on the benefits of XP. Team Cohesion Before and during our agile adoption, I informally administered the Gallup Q12 employee engagement survey. It is composed of twelve simple questions. Agreement correlates to retention, customer loyalty, safety records, productivity, and profitability. From the beginning to the … Read More



I just presented Ilio Krumins-Beens’ [and my paper] on unbounded collaboration between the product owner and development team at the 41st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. (I’ll link off to the paper when the transaction is published on the IEEE site.) HICSS is an interesting mix of academics and practitioners. On the list of presenters in the agile mini-track were Jeff Sutherland, Stephen Cohen from Microsoft, and Gabrielle Benefield from Yahoo as well as researchers Ann Fruhling from the … Read More

Nice Ript Post

Ript Page

Nice post from Frank Arrigo, the Microsoft evangelist responsible for all Technical Communities in Australia. “Since I am always on the lookout for WPF apps, I had to download it and it is really really sweet…“ I’m very proud of our application and our team. Now we need to get Ript™ in the hands of more users.