Dear agile consultant – hiring criteria for coaches and mentors

play at your own risk

Dear consultant who uses “agile” as part of your brand, I am a possible customer who embraces agile principles, practices agile techniques and has done so for years. I admire the tenacity and talent it takes to build a business in consulting. The best of you offer your clients techniques, language and a way of thinking that can better lives and turn around companies: advising them in ways to change their own organizations, bolstering their courage to experiment, helping them … Read More

Working on a paper about women in software development


I just submitted a paper on agile values and the underrepresentation of women in software development. This is not an original topic but the research I’ve read has focused on how women who participate in agile practices, particularly XP pair programming have more favorable impressions of the work and of their ability to contribute both of which are correlated to entering the occupation.1,2 My belief is that agile practices are tools but it is the agile values that give us … Read More

Agile NYC Presentation Handout

Here is a draft handout from my presentation at “Agile NYC”, Instilling Agile Values for Creativity, Self-Improvement and Organizational Change – A Manager’s Perspective.

Time to shift focus: from Scrum tools and process to practice


I am ambivalent about the Scrum community’s focus on process and tools. Yes, it is this effort that has driven adoption and created an economy for us practitioners. But adoption is yesterday’s challenge. We’re kind of winning that one. We need to place less emphasis on getting new organizations to try Scrum to more on getting existing teams practice Scrum better. How many of us many, many Scrum adopters strive towards the potential of the practice? Where reliable software delivers … Read More

Maeda – “The Assistant”

From John Maeda’s SIMPLICITY, a real life parable about a scientist and his devoted assistant: “…great people know how to take care of their people. For a great person does not become great by themselves.” Read the full post.