Coffee and Ethics in Paradise

DSCN0680.JPG sunset at buddha point
It’s my final day on the Big Island after HICCS-42.

Unfortunately, I was a ghost at the conference. I spent most of the week tightly tethered to my East Coast work day. Much sleep deprivation, anxiety and coffee consumption.

I did see the Agile/Lean presentations chaired by Jeff Sutherland and Gabrielle Benefield and participated in the Ethics sessions in which I presented my paper. These were the main reasons I took this very expensive non-vacation and so I’m grateful for how things worked out.

Sounds like there may be an Ethics minitrack again next year. Apparently, this is a relatively unique thing in IT conferences academic or professional and an indication of why HICSS is such an unusual event.

The conversation around my paper may have sparked research interest. My “ask” of the largely academic audience was:

  • Learn more about agile
  • Research dilemmas in an agile context
  • Educate us about the larger concerns
  • Create safe venues for discussing our dilemmas
  • Write about things beyond business value and efficacy

We need all hands on deck. We need to learn from other, more established disciplines. We need better data gathered with greater rigor and without the coda of a sales pitch.

How can we build software with consideration for benefit and harm as well as business value in the interests of society and our users as well as our employers and stakeholders?

How do we evolve from head count to the engineers/craftspeople we need to become?