Hiring a ruby on rails developer

One of our team is moving on. So we’re looking to hire one full-time, experienced developer.

At Simon & Schuster, we’ve created a small, collaborative team where people can do their best, learn in a collegial environment and get home at a reasonable hour. We work at a sustainable pace because after five years as a Ruby on Rails team we know the value of staying current, refactoring our codebase, and cleaning up tech debt.

We pair, we test drive, we retrospect, and we work as a single team with our product owners. If you want to work on a team that really does these things, contact us.

Scrum/XP/Agile team in midtown Manhattan looking for an experienced Rubyist or experienced Java/C# developer interested in learning Ruby. We are an established, six developer Scrum/XP team. We have a dedicated scrum master and we collaborate closely with our product team

Apply via StackOverflow

No recruiters, please.

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