Innovation and collective product ownership (Agile 2007 presentation)

Jeff Patton reminded me about the product work my old Oxygen team did in 2006-2007. I dug out this presentation and accompanying paper that Ilio Krumins-Beens and I prepared for Agile 2007.

Our work anticipated the change in the Scrum Guide to consider the product owner as part of the team.

We developed an original windows software application using Scrum/XP with an onsite product owner and UX designer.

We evolved the product experience validating our assumptions using user personas and both informal and formal usability testing.

We released the product as a free Beta by the time of this presentation in 2007 and were working to build a customer base.

The lifecycle of a company (and the larger economy) doesn’t play nice with hopes and intentions. Oxygen was acquired by NBC-Universal before we were able to validate our assumptions.

Judy, K.H.; Krumins-Beens, I.; , “Ript: Innovation and Collective Product Ownership,” AGILE 2007 , vol., no., pp.316, 13-17 Aug. 2007

doi: 10.1109/AGILE.2007.49

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