The existential joy of retrospection (agile practice)

Spiral JettyEvery two weeks as part of our Scrum practice my team holds a retrospective to ask:

  • what were our goals in the last two weeks,
  • what did we do that helped us achieve those goals,
  • what did we do that got in our way, and
  • what essential set of things we should we keep doing or do differently.

Retrospection is a process focused way of doing more and more of the things that are important and a less and less of the things that are not important.

And our efforts at inspecting and adapting are themselves a work in progress.

We need to rely on each others’ strengths to work past our own weaknesses.

We need to expect more of each other and to demand more of ourselves for each others’ sake.

We thread this path to trust and loyalty, to collaboration and self-knowledge, to craft and achievement.

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About Ken Judy

I am an executive manager, software developer, father and husband trying to do more good than harm. I am an agile practitioner. I say this fully aware I say nothing. Sold as a tool to solve problems, agile is more a set of principles that encourage us to confront problems. Broad adoption of the jargon has not resulted in wide embrace of these principles. I strive to create material and human good by respecting co-workers, telling truth to employers, improving my skills, and caring for the people affected by the software I help build.