More playing on – Learning Outcomes

Supplement to a doomed Agile 2009 proposal.

Learning Outcomes

  • To share with participants concepts in professional ethics
  • To tie the nature of ethical dilemmas to essential complexity and the means for tackling dilemmas to the practices of agile development
  • To emphasize the origins of agile practice in values and culture and to tie that to ethical imperatives
  • To identify gaps in agile values that prevent it from being a complete ethical framework – to broaden the definition of stakeholders
  • To challenge the common assertion that doing your job constitutes being ethical
  • To walk through real-world ethical dilemmas, and discuss possible actions and outcomes
  • To build the community of practitioners engaged in the topic and interested in supporting their peers through crises of conscience
  • To brainstorm tools and techniques for expanding the conversation to a broader community in a way that is safe, inviting, and does not violate our obligations
  • To engage the agile community in the larger development and academic community’s efforts to define ethical guidelines for us and potentially inflict them upon us
  • To discuss the growing potential for unintentional benefit and harm from non-safety critical systems
  • To discuss the potential for governmental intervention in response to some highly visible or damaging failure by software systems or software practitioners