Speaking in Seattle [Scrum Gathering]

I’m expanding my talk from last October’s Agile NYC for the spring Seattle Scrum Gathering.

Instilling Agile Values – A Manager’s Perspective Tuesday, May 17th, 3:30pm

The scale and speed of an agile adoption are external measures that don’t speak to the founding values of the practice. Collective ownership, continuous improvement and trust are hard won but lead to craftsmanship and joy. They are enabling conditions for innovation and beneficial change.

I will retrospect on my contributions both positive and negative towards cultivating these values in two organizations. The first was a practice that matured over four years, led to a new mission for the team and direct collaboration with the founder and CEO. The second is a team establishing its own agile practice after winding down an engagement with a much larger agile offshore team.

What will I do more off? What will I do less of? What impediments got in the way?

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About Ken Judy

I am an executive manager, software developer, father and husband trying to do more good than harm. I am an agile practitioner. I say this fully aware I say nothing. Sold as a tool to solve problems, agile is more a set of principles that encourage us to confront problems. Broad adoption of the jargon has not resulted in wide embrace of these principles. I strive to create material and human good by respecting co-workers, telling truth to employers, improving my skills, and caring for the people affected by the software I help build.