Usability, variability, irritability

Small differences in user experience can be more frustrating than big ones.

In Firefox, you have the option to auto-complete a URL by pressing tab. I have become used to typing part of an address hitting tab, return.

Safari auto-completes URLs by default. You press delete to remove auto-completion.

Habit and this slight difference conspire against me:

  • If I want auto-complete in Safari: hitting tab, return moves me into the search bar, attempts a blank search resulting in “bonk!” or an error dialog.
  • If I type in a full URL, I find safari has tagged on some irrelevant location further down the site tree such as mid-transaction in my last ticketmaster purchase.

In this small aspect, I like the Firefox better. Auto-complete is something I should opt into rather than opt out of. Now if Firefox wouldn’t crash several times a day…

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