What difference does it make?

Over a year ago, my daughter were walking down a Chelsea sidewalk.

A homeless man walking in front of us froze so suddenly we stopped in our tracks.

He glared at an advertisement showing a human cadaver casually posed it’s skin removed to expose, muscles, tendons, veins, arteries and nerves. Vital organs extending out from its half rib cage.

“not right…”

The man turned to the people flowing past him. “They shouldn’t do that!”

Bodies’ Exhibitors Admit Corpse Origins Are Murky:

“After more than two years of assurances that the cadavers on display in a popular South Street Seaport exhibit were legally obtained in China, the company that runs the exhibit admitted on Thursday that it could not prove that the bodies were not those of prisoners who might have been tortured or executed.” — May 2008 NY Times

In a settlement with the State of New York, the exhibitor has promised refunds to anyone who has seen the exhibit and have changed their policies around acquiring new bodies.

The article quotes a man visiting the exhibit, “When you’re dead, you’re dead. What difference does it make?”

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