Why solving ethical dilemmas is like building software

Here’s some grist for why we agilists can contribute to the conversation on software ethics and why it’s a fit topic for Agile 2009:

Handout notes I prepared for Agile 2008 drawing on the work of Jonathan Haidt and describing why ethical dilemmas have essential complexity per “No Silver Bullet.”

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About Ken Judy

I am an executive manager, software developer, father and husband trying to do more good than harm. I am an agile practitioner. I say this fully aware I say nothing. Sold as a tool to solve problems, agile is more a set of principles that encourage us to confront problems. Broad adoption of the jargon has not resulted in wide embrace of these principles. I strive to create material and human good by respecting co-workers, telling truth to employers, improving my skills, and caring for the people affected by the software I help build.