The existential joys of agile practice: people over process

NYC Lego First Pits

At Agile NYC I presented a pecha kucha. 20 slides. 20 seconds per slide. This is the third of four parts. People over process Robert Stolarik for The New York Times Cathie Black was Chancellor of New York City Schools for three months. She was hired despite having no education experience and no affinity for public schools, parents, teachers and students because she was, “an excellent manager”. I love that agile doesn’t celebrate management. It relies on individual contributors. It … Read More

Power, dissent, and bullying in software developer communities

When developers marginalize women and minorities, we conspire to isolate ourselves from the larger society. We defeat our own attempts to change the power structures around us and improve our lot and our output.

By the time he was your age…

John Maeda has just been named the new president of the Rhode Island School of Design. I’ve only met Mr. Maeda once — unless you count childhood visits to his family’s tofu bakery in Seattle. If you are what you eat, some protein in my bones is the product of Maeda creativity. Anyway, I’m a tremendous fan of his approach to design and life. He continues to be a role model for embracing new challenges.

Let go, go on

Jean-Paul S. Boodhoo has a great post on creativity: Here is the great thing about top tier developers. They don’t care about dropping all of their secrets, techniques and practices in front of you because these things are all a result of one thing, Creativity… (more) Some close off for fear their gifts will be stolen. Others engage — confident their best ideas and greatest contributions lie ahead.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface&trade

Yesterday, I got to sit in while members of Microsoft’s Surface™ team showed my CEO, Gerry Laybourne, a working demo. I’m a convert. The interface relies on organic human gesture and, more importantly, encourages eye contact and collaboration. Truly beautiful. And the simpler they make it the more emotional and purposeful it will be. I realize there are similar systems out there but Microsoft’s hardware implementation is novel and potentially more powerful than other multi-touch displays. Watching Gerry interact with … Read More